Moving On

I hate moving. You think after all the times I’ve moved, it would get easier. It doesn’t. You always accumulate way more things than you intend to. It’s a symptom of staying in one place I suppose.

Where am I moving to you’re wondering? Ultimately I’ll be moving to Vietnam but right now, I’m moving the last two years of my life in DC back to my hometown, Salt Lake City. I’ll be in Salt Lake City for one week before I head off to Asia for a year (or two or three or ten).

For the past two years, I’ve lived in DC. I graduated from college, got an internship in DC, bought a one-way ticket with miles that I had spent a lifetime accumulating, and hoped for the best. Luckily, things turned out well. I eventually landed a full-time job, made friends, and never needed to move back in with my parents in SLC.

I guess it’s sad for me to leave DC because I feel like DC was the city where I really learned to be on my own and “grow up.” I don’t want to get too mushy but the city taught me a lot about myself and life in general.

Moving from DC also means moving on. Having lived in DC for nearly 2 years, I naturally got a little attached and it’s tough to leave a place that I called home. So… Bon voyage DC. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again. Thanks for all the memories, lessons, and free museums. You will be missed.


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