What’s in my bag? A breakdown of my packing strategy

I wrote an earlier post on packing tips, but I thought I’d give a more detailed post of what I actually packed with me for my big move abroad.

My checked bag was a total of 28 lbs! I surprised myself actually with how little I ended up bringing with me. The limit for most flights abroad is 44 lbs.  So how did I do it? For one thing, I follow this simple rule: if an article of clothing does not match with at least 3 other things in my wardrobe than it doesn’t go in my bag. This rule also applies when I buy clothes abroad to reduce the amount of stuff I end up accumulating. Below are pictures and descriptions of what I ended up bringing with me.

Things not pictured: medicine, neck pillow, 1 TSA lock (If I was staying in a hostel in a dorm I would stick my backpacking pack in the airporter and lock it with the lock.), 1 book bag, pictures from home, 1 handbag, 1 wristwatch, 2 carabiners,  hand sanitizer.

Things I wish I had brought. A rain jacket, Bananagrams, flip flops, sewing kit

Keep in mind that I’m a minimalist and usually travel pretty light. The more I’ve traveled the less I feel like I need to bring a lot of “stuff” with me. That might not be the case for you. It’s all about what will make you comfortable. For me, I can be kept pretty happy as long as I have clean laundry and a shower. If you really can’t live without something, than bring it if you know you’ll be happier with it. I’m also living in a very warm climate so I didn’t need to bring any heavyweight clothes. With that in mind, most places in southeast Asia dress pretty modestly, so I normally cover my knees and shoulders even if it’s 100+ degrees outside. Just observe how other people dress around you, and follow suit. If I were packing for cold weather, I would’ve brought a down vest or coat, some good long underwear, and a few articles of clothing made out of wool.

I’m sure I forgot a couple of things, but feel free to comment if you have any lingering questions!


5 thoughts on “What’s in my bag? A breakdown of my packing strategy

    1. Yes! Bungee cords make for a great laundry line and you can also tie things to your bag with them. You can get string and stuff anywhere, but bungee cords are much more durable if you happen to have some lying around.


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