Life in Tra Vinh

It’s been a super busy past week for me. Lots of teaching and helping out with various activities. In addition to that, I visited some friends in Can Tho for the weekend. I still love living here and I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of teaching. It also helps that my students have been really great. I teach college students, high school students, and if I have free time, sometimes help with the middle school students.

This week, I’ll leave you with a couple of videos showing a little bit more about my life here in Vietnam:

Video 1: This video was taken the other day while I was helping to judge a literary contest for middle school students. These students are 6th graders and they are so adorable. They’re still at that age where they still love learning and don’t care about being silly. They’re not too cool for school yet. They’re one of the most fun classes to interact with. They LOVE singing and dancing. This is one of the songs they did during one of the breaks of the competition.

Video 2: I love the outdoors and it’s great to be living in a place that isn’t a concrete jungle like other cities. In fact, where I live is next to some woods. There are always lots of wildlife around me. Sometimes frogs even manage to get into my room. Here’s a video of what it sounds like at night in Tra Vinh. This video was taken right outside my room. You can’t see anything in the video, but you can hear all the wildlife around me. Who knew frogs and bugs could make so much noise?


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