Traveling Through Hong Kong and Other Tips: A Video Blog from Selina (and Melody)

Happy holidays everyone!

Vacation has officially begun for me. I was in Saigon for a couple of days and now I’m hanging out in Hong Kong for a few days before I head to China. I met up with my cousin who happens to also be traveling around Asia. We decided to give you some travel tips via video. Enjoy!

p.s. I went to a cat cafe today on Hong Kong Island. They’re called mao cafes here. Mao means cat in Cantonese. I’m not a huge fan of cats but it was definitely a very unique and fun experience. Cats just roam around and you can pet them while your drink your coffee. At one point a cat stole my seat and cuddled up to my sweater which was lying on the seat. Then it perched on my seat and wouldn’t leave. I feel like cats know when you don’t like them…


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