About Me

My name is Selina and welcome to Selinamusings!  At the urging of my sister and friends, I decided to start this travel blog for others who love international travel and want to do so responsibly. You can read about my adventures, travel advice, and general rantings on this blog. I’m currently based in Utah after living in Vietnam for two years where I helped found The Lab.

I’m a dancer, snowboarder, bookworm, Scrabble enthusiast, novice soccer player, and lover of all things outdoors.

The first time I traveled abroad, I was 20 years old. I went to Beijing for a semester as a study abroad student and like most study abroad students, I spent most of my time in my international student bubble. At 22, I spent 9 months in Asia on an experiential educational and cultural program where I traveled and studied in South Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, and India. This experience was not only eye-opening but life changing. I became an experienced traveler who not only could expertly pack a bag and navigate life not knowing the local language, but I realized the part that I play as someone going to a country that is not mine, and what that means to me and those I encounter along the way. I try to be as culturally conscious as possible when I travel. I interact with as many locals as I can and I try to learn something new everywhere I go. My travel philosophies include: “travel light,” “do as the locals do,” and “living out of a suitcase is no excuse to look homeless.”


10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Selina, I came across your blog which has been really helpful to me while researching moving to Vietnam. I hope to make the leap to Vietnam from teaching in South Korea around September or October. Could I ask you some questions about your experience further some time?


  2. hi Selina, thank you so much for your post on getting a Russian visa as an American living in Vietnam. i’m preparing to do exactly the same thing and couldn’t find any visa info from the link to the Russian consulate in HCMC. so grateful to come across your blog post with the detailed instruction! hope your trip there was great!


    1. Hi Tiffany!

      I’m glad you found my blog helpful. Good luck on getting your Russian visa. If you have any other questions, let me know!

      I’ll be entering Russia today!


      1. oh nice! hope your trip is going well and i’ll check your blog for updates of your travels! i finally got an invitation letter from my host institution and am bracing to start the process this week. happy travels!


  3. Selina,

    I will probably be traveling to the Tra Vinh area in February to stay at least a year. Could I email you some questions at some point? Thank you for your informative and helpful blog!



  4. Hi Selina, I just stumbled across your blog roaming the halls of the Internet & I must say, I like it a lot! It looks like you’re already living the adventurous life abroad that I hope one day to live myself 🙂
    I’ve been hardpressed to find any popular travel blogs out there (exception: ExpatEdna) written by someone I could relate to in terms of background (aka Asian female from the West hahah), so your blog is a ray of hope! Keep it up & happy travels ^_^


    1. Hi!
      I’m glad you found my blog. It means a lot to me that you like it! I don’t that travel bug ever goes away so you have a lifetime of travel and adventure ahead of you!

      Thanks for your well wishes!

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